Software Engineer for R&D – Distributed Database


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Location: Markham, Canada
Employment Type: Full-time

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About Huawei Canada
Huawei Canada focuses on fundamental research and development aimed at solving complex technical problems in emerging technologies like 5G, AI, Human Computer Interaction and Autonomous Driving. With ongoing research initiatives with 10 Universities across Canada and strategic collaboration agreements with several Universities, we support Canada’s rich research community.  In 2020, Huawei Canada ranked among the Top 20 corporate R&D investors in the country with a huge 40% increase in R&D investment year over year. Huawei Canada was established in 2008 and now has a total workforce of 1,200 in our six research centers across Canada.

“Huawei will continue to be an important contributor to Canada’s knowledge-based economy,” “Openness and diversity are Canada’s great strengths. They help attract global talent and business. Huawei Canada’s R&D spending creates jobs, trains talents, supports fundamental research, and accelerates knowledge-to-impact in Canada. We are proud of all of that.”

Changtian Cai, President, Huawei Canada R&D.

Why work with Huawei Canada?
You will have the opportunity to work on real world problems that impact people across the globe.  Many of our researchers are actively involved in publishing conference and journal papers, inventing patents and solving challenging technical problems. With cutting edge tools, access to highly specialized leaders and researchers, and significant funding, you will be well supported to fulfil your potential and pursue your professional dreams.

Software Engineer for R&D – Distributed Database

Job Description

The Distributed Data and Storage Lab is looking for talented software engineers to join the Gauss Db research and development team. Our team is focused on Database research for Gauss Db and openGauss one of the fastest growing open source database management systems in the market. We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who can join us to tackle challenging problems and develop new technologies around high performance, concurrency and distributed database management.


  • Research and development of distributed, highly available share nothing transaction processing database management system focusing on algorithms for scale up and scale out
  • Work with a team of architects and engineers to develop proof-of-concept systems and components across the data manager, buffer manager and transaction processing components.
  • Investigate and design new data structures and algorithms focusing on lockless and NUMA aware approaches on the latest and state of the art hardware technology
  • Continuous enhancements on the distributed database system to fulfill customer requirements for self-tuning under differing workload conditions.
  • Mentor junior colleagues on algorithm design, data structure and software engineering aspects. Focusing on high performance scalable code.
  • Work with QA and continuous integration teams to drive a quality overall solution though a combination of automated unit tests, functional testing and system testing of the solution.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor or Master major in computer science or related area
  • Proficient in C and C++ programming
  • Excellent documentation, organization and communication skills
  • Self-motivated learner; strong desire to learn on the job
  • Must be a team player

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with design and development of a distributed database, or storage system, or file system, or cache system
  • Experience in Microsoft SQL Azure/Aws RDS Aurora/Oracle RAC/IBM Db2 pureScale
  • Experience in open source community.

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